This serves as a public archive of all of the art that I have produced over the years. Some art may not be present. WIP i guess

During my development in content creation I have went through many emotional and political mental states — some of which I avow, some of which are for transgressive but not harmful purposes, some of which are ironic or comedic, some of which don't have a specified purpose, and some of which I don't avow — that led me to create all of this art.

Please enjoy yourselves and be nice to each other.


Richter Rat Hotline Miami fanart 07/30/2023

Lgkid fanart 05/19/2023

Chapter 16 Hotline Miami crap-post 04/27/2023

Jacket Hotline Miami fanart 04/20/2023

Vicky art style defaults pointing at Luke Smith 04/01/2023

Holding heart! 03/--/2023

Holding [TRANS_RIGHTS]! 03/--/2023


“We've met before, haven't we?”


Henchman Hotline Miami fanart 10/12/2022

Cavefolder Denshi & his server 09/--/2022

Cork Incident (9-10?)/--/2022

Emily 08/--/2022

Vicky Hotline Miami OC fanart 05/12/2022

Old drawings of friends at the time, used for my old profile picture. 04/--/2022


Dream Twitter art 12/--/2020

An old profile picture. (09-10?)/--/2020

An old logo. (09-10?)/--/2020

Heltork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 08/--/2020